We are more than just the ingredients we sell

We serve bakers with exacting standards, and what matters to you matters to us. By priding itself on quality products, reliable service and personalized assistance to support the needs of bakers throughout the tri-state area, Otto Brehm, Inc. has become the region’s premier source of quality products and services for bakers.

Our company values are the same ones handed down by our founder and by the four generations of the Brehm family. It’s why Otto Brehm, Inc. has been thriving for more than 100 years.


Otto Brehm, a 16-year-old baker’s apprentice with a dream of making his fortune in America, the land of opportunity, arrives in New York. Before long, Otto lands a position as apprentice to an old-world baker who teaches him secrets of the trade. By Otto’s 21st birthday in 1904, he has established his own company, Otto Brehm Fancy Bakery, in Yonkers, N.Y. Then, as now, Otto believes that customer relationships are the company’s greatest asset.


The company expands, adding a flour jobbing warehouse and bakery supply distribution company. Otto’s sons begin working for him, learning the business and adopting their father’s philosophy: customers deserve the finest, most sought-after ingredients along with outstanding service. Customers clamor for the high-quality products and prompt, accurate delivery provided by knowledgeable, courteous drivers and sales staff.


The company continues to thrive and grow, adding a new warehouse and office on Alexander Street in Yonkers. Soon the company is supplying flour and other baking ingredients to commercial and private bakers throughout the tri-state area. The warehouse hums with activity as flour delivery wagons—pulled by horse-drawn carriages to be replaced years later by a fleet of trucks—come and go. But despite its growth, the folks at Otto Brehm, Inc. never lose sight of what’s most important: relationships. Our promise: we’ll never be too big or too busy to treat you like our only customer.


Following in Otto’s footsteps are sons Ernest Sr., the new company president, Otto Jr., and grandson Ernest, Jr. Standing by Otto Brehm’s reputation for excellence, the company and its founders win awards and honors, including Small Businessman of the Year. Expertly trained, customer-focused drivers quickly become familiar with the needs of customers who rely on quality ingredients and timely deliveries. Over the years, scores of drivers become passionate advocates of the dedicated bakers who are customers of Otto Brehm, Inc. They continue to provide the strongest link between trusted supplier and valued customer.


When Ernest (Ernie) Brehm, Jr. assumes the role of company president, he introduces the third generation of the Brehm family to carry on Otto’s dream. The company continually attracts the best employees, too. From the drivers to the sales force to the office staff and top executives, every Otto Brehm employee is professional, friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help.


Nancy Brehm takes over as president, and operations are handled by the Brehm family’s fourth generation, including Nancy’s sons Matthew and Garett.


Today Otto Brehm, Inc. services 2,500 bakeries in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey, including retail customers, in-store bakeries, and food service firms. Get to know our customer-focused team of employees. From our office staff to our sales force to our executive team, every representative of Otto Brehm, Inc. is 100% invested in giving you an exceptional customer experience.